OOPS! Did you

It’s sooooo embarrassing to be a premature ejaculator, but fappers like you always cum too soon!

Embrace the loser lifestyle!

Do pretty girls turn you on too much to last long enough to please them? Maybe you’re just a chronic masturbating gooner that spooges all day and night to girls on the internet. If you’re not going to please a woman like a real man, you might as well accept your fate.

I’m Tessa Fields, a legendary erotic hypnotist, who has created a series of spooge-tastic brainwashing hypnosis sessions to melt your mind, control your cock, and insure that you always CUM TOO SOON!

Join the legion of losers that I’ve turned into 2 pump chumps with my bestselling hypnosis series CUM TOO SOON.

The Cum Too Soon Hypnosis series

This premature ejaculation series will make you explode in the blink of an eye! Each hypnosis session delivers a quality induction to trance and deeply implanted triggers to CUM TOO SOON!

Cum Too Soon 3

Let’s go back to when we were only 18 years old and I was a teasing cheerleader. I’ll be gently teasing, arousing, and humiliating you with my body and words until you just can’t hold back any longer! Can 18 year old Tessa make you cum too soon?


I’ll build up the tensions of your performance anxiety as I tease you with my body and the possibilities of sex. You’ll want so bad to fuck me, but we’ll have to see if you have the stamina not to pop before you make it that far.

Five Finger Failure

I’m going to ruin your orgasms even when you’re alone. Even stroking to porn, you’ll still cum too soon!

Cum Too Soon 2

We’re going play a fun humiliating game. I hypnotize you and you try not to cum too soon.

The original cum too soon

The notorious hypnosis session that started it all!

Years ago, I made the original hypnosis session, Cum Too Soon, for my gal pals at HumiliationPOV, a premiere humiliation fetish site.

Little did I know, that file would take the fapping world by storm! Losers & gooners begged for more.

This humiliating hypnosis session is exclusive to HumiliationPOV, but for one membership price, you can listen to the original CUM TOO SOON (renamed Brainwashing Premature Ejaculators) as well as a dozen other humiliating hypnosis files created by me.

Looking for the original

What would you do if you actually got the chance to please a woman? Do you think she would cum? Do you think you could make her cum? You know the truth. Pretty girls excite you too much and turn you on too much. We both know what would really happen. Your little dick probably would not even make it inside her. Even if it did, you’d only be good for a pump or two. You’ll always cum too soon therefore you will never please a woman.

This hypnotic recording will ensure that no woman will ever have to suffer with you on top of her thrusting away while she stares blankly at the ceiling. Even jerking off all by your lonesome, you’ll always cum too soon. You will always end up making a mess before you are ready. Premature ejaculation will become your way of life. You are far too much of a loser to ever please a woman and I’m going make sure of it by enhancing your performance anxiety!

Hypnodomme Tessa Fields

Goddess Tessa Fields left hypnotherapy to combine her powerful hypnosis skills with her love of bringing weak boys to their knees. With her sensual voice and playful wicked side, many have founds their minds in good hands under the spell of her superior hypnotic skill.

Tessa’s groundbreaking trance training series has helped many to truly enter deep hypnotic trance so that they may embrace their kinks, live fantasies in hypnotic virtual reality, and even experience true mind control and brainwashing.

While being a stern, dominant mistress, she is still able to gently guide subjects down her path of servitude, submission, and mind-slavery.

Explore more about this legendary, hypnotic goddess at Hypnotessa.com or experience true mind bending hypnosis at MP3sbyTessa.com.

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More ways to cum too soon

Tessa Fields’ Cum Too Soon hypnosis series is a long time favorite of legions of fans. From cuckolds and losers to gooners and hypnosis lovers, the demand for more premature ejaculation sessions is always huge and this means there is always something new to spooge to on the horizon. Check back often to experience new ways to CUM TOO SOON!